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Where the Passion Begins



Partner and Swim Teacher

"Hello! I've been teaching swimming since 2003 in leisure centres, health clubs, university, and private pools. I learnt to swim before I could walk (taught by my Mum, Julie) and I'm passionate about teaching swimming because it is an essential life skill. So much fun can be had in water once you can swim, the world (and ocean) is your oyster!"



Partner and Swim Teacher

"I trained as a a nursery Nurse 40 years ago and have a wealth of experience in educating children. I’ve worked as a swimming teacher for over 30 years and still feel a thrill when I gain the children’s confidence, then see them take risks knowing I’m there for reassurance. What a buzz!"

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Swim Teacher

 "I have been a competitive swimmer for 10 years and a teacher since 2019. It is the best decision I’ve ever made and I always look forward to coming into work! Swimming lessons are so important and it brings me so much joy and passion knowing I can make a difference to your swimmer!



Swim Teacher

"Hello! I’m currently studying Sport science, Coaching and Physical education at Loughborough Uni and I’m also part of the swim team there. I’ve been swim teaching for over 5 years now and I absolutely love it! I love being able to pass on my knowledge and see the children progress and enjoy the sport as much as I do!"



Swim Teacher

"I’ve been swim teaching since 2019, having started the minute I was old enough. I have fond memories of learning how to swim, remembering how initial nerves quickly turned to joy. I always want the kids I teach to have the same enjoyable and invigorating experience I had. An experience that spurred me on to swim at a national level and compete all over Europe."

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Swim Teacher

"I am a BSc Psychology student at Loughborough University, who is passionate about working with children. I believe learning to swim is an essential skill for all children, which I am super excited to help them learn whilst also encouraging them to have fun at the same time!"

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Swim Teacher




Swim Teacher

"I’ve been teaching swimming for over 3 years and prior to that I volunteered at my local club where I previously competitively swam. I absolutely love teaching swimming and seeing the progress in confidence and skills in the children. I believe swimming lessons should be fun and enjoyable, as I remember when I was learning to swim, so I will ensure I bring enthusiasm to all my lessons I teach!"



Swim Teacher

 "I've been swimming ever since I was born and have belonged to a swim club my whole life. I've been a qualified teacher since 2020, I believe learning to swim is an amazing life skill to learn and encourages children to challenge them self into achieving new things."



Swim Teacher

"I’ve been teaching and assisting swimming teaching for 6 years now and really love it! As a previous swimmer and current athlete, I know how enjoyable and rewarding the sport can be and believe it’s such an essential life skill to learn."



Swim Teacher & Lifeguard

I am currently studying a Psychology degree at Loughborough University. Having been a lifeguard for quite some time it made me realise how much of an important skill swimming is; which inspired me to become a swimming teacher. I have found it extremely rewarding to be able to give children the opportunity to gain the skills and confidence required to be a great swimmer!



Swim Teacher

"Hello! I have been teaching children to swim since 2017 and I really enjoy it! I have been swimming for as long as I can remember and competed nationally in both swimming and diving. I love swimming as I believe it opens up loads of opportunities for new experiences!"



Swim Teacher

"I have been a swimming teacher for over 5 years now. I myself have swum from a young age and understand what an important skill it is and the opportunities it can present. I love how rewarding it is to watch my swimmers learn and grow their confidence in the pool - all with a little bit of fun! "



Swim Teacher

"I’ve been swim teaching for since 2021 and am studying Fine Art at Loughborough University. I swam competitively for years and I love swim teaching, it is so rewarding to me as it is of course an important life skill. I hope to make you love swimming just as much as I do!"



Swim Teacher

"Swimming is a life skill that can be bring great joy and excitement! I have been privileged to be able to spend three wonderful years teaching it. Watching young swimmers develop and seeing their confidence grow each week brings me a great sense of pride! "



Swim Teacher

"I’m studying Management at Loughborough University. I’ve been swim teaching since year 11 and strongly believe that lessons can not only teach water ability, but also other vital social and physical skills. I love the reward of seeing students progress into strong swimmers as water competency allows students to explore new situations and learning opportunities!"

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Swim Teacher

"I am a current student and swimmer at Loughborough University. I’ve been teaching for over 6 years now and I absolutely love it! I love the world in which swimming opens and I strive to give the same opportunity and passion to the young swimmers I encounter!"



Swim Teacher

"Though I’ve not been teaching for long, my love for swimming has always been apart of my life. Teaching has always been a passion of mine, and I can’t wait to bring confidence and fun to every lesson."



Swim Teacher

"I have been part of the swimming world and been a club swimmer for most of my life. Since 2021 I have volunteered as a swim teacher in Loughborough which has given me a lot of joy as I was able to spread my passion and love for swimming to others, and take the next step in my swimming journey."



Swim Teacher & Lifeguard

"I have been a swimming teacher for since 2019, which I have loved. I am currently studying psychology at Loughborough University, where I also play water polo. I have played water polo for 6 years and have competed at national level."



Swim Teacher

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